The world is rapidly dividing between those who understand and use neuroscience to solve problems and create the future, and those who will be left behind, wondering what happened.

dc-in-japanD.C. McGuire inspires and motivates participants with important brain-related discoveries and how to benefit from their application in the “real world “challenges.   With an entertaining, practical approach, D.C. McGuire uses the latest neuroscience data and metrics to shine a penetrating light on many of the conference-tablemost complex issues in business, politics, education, health, media, relationships, and society – including violence. Students, educators, parents, firms, associations, think tanks, and organizations with varying interests, are empowered to be healthier, happier, and more successful, individually and collectively.

dc-speakingMaking decisions or setting policy without an understanding of what dopamine is up to in the brains of everyone involved, is analogous to doctors making diagnoses without the benefit of microscopes, and scanning technology. dc-with-kidsUnderstanding dopamine gives informed individuals, and organizations the advantage in negotiations, innovation, problem solving, and consensus-building. Wouldn’t you prefer to be the one pulling your own mental, physical, and emotional strings?

Find out how new discoveries in neuroscience can impact your mission and goals. Every presentation is tailored to the specific goals of the event.

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