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    What do all of these issues have in common?

    One neurochemical, dopamine.

    It drives success or failure in relationships, careers, and overall wellbeing. Dopamine is behind the scenes in all areas of our lives, including politics, business, education, and violence.

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D.C. McGuire
has researched the profound effects of dopamine and neuroplasticity
for more than 10 years

The results offer a second chance
to have the healthy, happy, successful lives
we’ve always wanted

What are people saying about D.C. McGuire?

“D.C. McGuire is a light-worker operating fearlessly within the world of science. Her research brings not only bright hope, but real tools with which to change our minds and —ultimately — change our lives. I am a huge fan.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

“Only D.C. McGuire could combine neuroscience with humor, heart, and passion. I could listen to her talk about dopamine for hours. Dopamine? Yes, the brain thief, the reason we will tolerate human suffering and make bad decisions. It’s also one of the chemicals in the body that keeps us alive, gets us out of bed, and helps us navigate the world. Our conversation is not at all just science, but if it’s science you love then come on in. It was on my call with DC that I realized that each expert has their area of expertise but together the message has connectedness and global implications. She teaches how to manage this “meth lab between our ears” and become abler to override the messages of quitting or letting ourselves off. “
Gregory Anne Cox, The MORE LIFE Series

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