HOW TO CREATE A MIND, by Ray Kurtzweil

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How to Create a MindRay, always a personal inspiration,  reverse-engineers the brain to understand how it works, then posits how that knowledge could be utilized to create even more intelligent machines, to address global problems. What makes this really interesting is that he includes emotional and moral intelligence along with origins of consciousness in the mix , and comes up with incredible possibilities for merging humanity with the technology we’re creating!

Rafael Reif’, President, MIT, wrote this review, and I second his enthusiasm! “It is rare to find a book that offers unique and inspiring content on every page. How to Create a Mind achieves that and more. Ray has a way of tackling seemingly overwhelming challenges with an army of reason, in the end convincing the reader that it is within our reach to create nonbiological intelligence that will soar past our own. This is a visionary work that is also accessible and entertaining.

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