Making Friends with Dopamine Installment #1

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I regularly write and speak about the risk of too much dopamine. It’s the Svengali behind our alcohol, drug, caffeine, nicotine, fat, sugar, gambling, porn, violence, and stress addictions.
AND, it’s also a neurochemical we can’t live without. So each time I talk about the potential dangers of what I call,

Fox about to enjoy dopamine from the egg in my hand!

“dopamania”, I try to give a nod to the activities and substances that are healthy sources of dopamine.

 This is the beginning of some postings with tips about how to enjoy all the essential benefits and pleasures of this Jekyll and Hyde drug, made right between our ears, without paying the high price of harmful addictions!

Lets’ start with foods – easy to come by and possibly already in your cupboard or refrigerator. Remember, foods don’t actually contain dopamine. but if they the right amino acids, especially tyrosine, our brains kick into gear synthesizing dopamine.                                              


Many animal proteins contain the amino acids your brain needs in order to create dopamine, like


                                                             Cheese  (including cottage cheese)



                                                             Fish (especially fatty fish, particularly wild-caught fish)


Vegetarian?  No problem.  Coming next . . . dopamine from fruits and   vegetables!

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