Dopamine at work at NASA!

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At NASA’s labs, dopamine excited brains are doing amazing work you may have never heard about, but that are behind many of the comforts and technology we count on and take for granted! Curiosity, discovery, and exploration, 3 predictable wells of dopamine, are always pumping in NASA labs. Scientists and staff, dopamine surging,  are high on their work solving problems and answering questions related to the seas, conditions on land, and outer space.   Presentations are alive with excitement, humor, and amazing new data.

The Union of Concerned Scientists National Advisory Board meeting in Pasadena, recently visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. What inspirational work – on the earth, as well in outer space! Check out the NASA cable channel to enjoy the wonder and excitement of their spectacular work, and, for news of UCS NAB member, Bill Nye’s astounding Solar Sail project which will redefine future space travel, go to


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