Dopamine Smart – New Solutions for Overeating, Over Stressing & Generally Living Better!

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Enjoy a conversation recorded October 2016 between Gregory Anne Cox and her guest, neuroscience researcher, D.C. McGuire discussing the dangers and promises of dopamine.  They talk about recent findings linking one brain chemical to  challenges of overeating, stress, parenting, learning, and societal issues, especially bad behavior and violence.  Then, D.C. presents some of the practical tools this new information offers to address those problems and turn them gregory-anne-coxaround for healthier, happier, more successful lives.

“Only Donna Christine McGuire could combine neuroscience with humor, heart, and passion. I could listen to her talk about dopamine for hours. Dopamine? Yes, the brain thief, the reason we will tolerate human suffering and make bad decisions. It’s also one of the chemicals in the body that keeps us alive, gets us out of bed, and helps us navigate the world.
Our conversation is not at all just science, but if it’s science you love then come on in. It was on my call with DC that I realized that each expert has their area of expertise but together the message has connectedness and global implications. She’ll teach us how to manage dopamine,  this “meth lab between our ears” and become more able to override the messages of quitting or letting ourselves off. ”

Gregory Anne Cox

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