U.S. Economy – How We Can Turn It Around!

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What’s going on?

While trillions of American dollars hold back on hiring and expansion, complaining about environmental restrictions, product quality regulations, wages, and taxes, European, Asian and South American investors are happily buying up U.S. companies and real estate.  A  Japanese firm just bought the controlling interest in Sprint, , aGerman software developer SAP  just paid $4.3 billion for U.S.
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Media Mind

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Mesmerized by the infinite novelty, and perpetually reinforced by the dose of dopamine that’s sure to come with that newness, we’re lead by our communication and entertainment devices to wherever they can take us – faster, easier, steadily absorbing more time and focus. 
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Brains Under Stress Unavailable for Learning

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 If you’ve paid any attention to Chicago’s Board of Education vs. Teacher’s Union strike, you’re likely to take away a sense that the key issues facing public schools center around evaluation methods, pay, tenure, class size, and classroom conditions.  Those problems are actually the really low hanging fruit.
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