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Feeling big concerns about the outcome of the Presidential election and its influence on the U.S. going forward? Then you’re experiencing the effects of dopamine on your mind and body. Dopamine is a natural narcotic-like neurochemical, instinctively supplied by our brain when we experience fear.
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Beyonce’s Lemonade on the Brain, and Why ‘Visual Albums’ Are the Future of Music

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Beyonce’s Lemonade represents a pioneering realization of the medium of the visual album. Though others, including Beyonce herself, have experimented with the concept before, Lemonade’s excellence and influence is sure to set the standard for our expectations around this new medium.
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What IS going on in the teen brain?  What causes it to function unlike the brains of children or adults?  What can help teens use their brains to be safer, healthy, happier, and more successful adults?

This link offers the power point presentation, “Teen Brains, Brilliant and Insane”, given October 13, 2014

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COUPLES’ NEW BFF: NEUROPLASTICITY The sizzle doesn’t have to fizzle!

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Wow! It was hot and heavy for a while.  Everything about life was exciting.  Conversations were animated.  A shared trip to the grocery store was fun. You never knew what would happen next. 

If you’re the man in this story, the possibilities of being with a new woman were exhilarating.
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