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Dopamine and Understanding Your Child’s Brain – New Brain Science Makes It Easier!

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This is the PowerPoint presentation given October 12, 2016,  by D.C. McGuire speaking  about the groundbreaking brain science of neuroplasticity and dopamine that will empower parents to create a better future for our children. You are invited to use any part of this presentation for teachers, parents, in any non-profit setting. 
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by D.C. McGuire

Given our long track record for conveniently looking the other way and letting sticky issues slide as long as possible, this has been a surprising and hopeful time for many Americans. As humans, our tipping point for new thinking and behavior usually occurs with a kick in the pants in the form of some unbearable stressor or tragedy that makes continued inaction impossible.
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Neuroplasticity in Action: SEE WITH YOUR EARS!

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No eyesight?  No problem.  Let the ears see it! With a new device that translates visual input into auditory signals, the brain’s neuroplasticity kicks in transforming images taken by a camera, worn on the head of the user, into “soundscapes”.  As always, all the brain requires to re-wire itself is repetition, and in this case re-wires the brain to provide the user with information about their surroundings. 
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HOW TO CREATE A MIND, by Ray Kurtzweil

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Ray, always a personal inspiration,  reverse-engineers the brain to understand how it works, then posits how that knowledge could be utilized to create even more intelligent machines, to address global problems. What makes this really interesting is that he includes emotional and moral intelligence along with origins of consciousness in the mix , and comes up with incredible possibilities for merging humanity with the technology we’re creating!
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