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Dopamine and Understanding Your Child’s Brain – New Brain Science Makes It Easier!

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This is the PowerPoint presentation given October 12, 2016,  by D.C. McGuire speaking  about the groundbreaking brain science of neuroplasticity and dopamine that will empower parents to create a better future for our children. You are invited to use any part of this presentation for teachers, parents, in any non-profit setting. 
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Keep this simple video handy! Listen to the first few minutes several times a day and you just might find yourself smarter, healthier, more more relaxed, and with a smile on your face!

Listen to the second part from time to time, and who knows what’s possible when your brain and body are working as the brilliant team they were meant to be Though this is designed to undo panic attacks, its emotional rewiring of our brain’s reactions to fears and threats, benefits all of us existing with the unavoidable anxiety that comes from inhabiting a “human suit”!
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If you’re constantly in the red-zone with stress, here’s what’s likely to be happening!

#1 The first filter in the brain is the thalamus, which makes an instantaneous call on whether something is a possible (imagined or real) threat demanding instinctual action to be orchestrated by the Reptilian and Animal Brain, or intellectual processing in the Human Brain.
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Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have succeeded in identifying the specific brain functions involved in meditation. Researchers were able to watch which areas of the brain are activated and which are quieted during meditation aimed at anxiety relief.

Subjects, with no prior meditation experience, participated in 20-minute classes to learn a technique known as mindfulness meditation.
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