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Holidays got you down? Are you more into bah humbug, than the jolly ho, ho, ho? Here are some “Whys” about what’s going on, along with some “How’s” for putting more jolly into this season, and all of life!

It’s true that happiness can be influenced by your genes.
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Sadly, for some time, it has been known that children who suffer abuse, neglect, poverty, or trauma often develop depression and other psychiatric illnesses. As adults, that kind of stress often translates into greater incidence of medical illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
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Parenting from before conception: Babies’ health doesn’t ‘start from scratch’

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August 14, 201, University of Adelaide There’s now overwhelming evidence that a child’s future health is influenced by more than just their parents’ genetic material, and that children born of unhealthy parents will already be pre-programmed for greater risk of poor health, according to University of Adelaide researchers.
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Older fathers linked to offspring’s serious psychiatric and academic problems

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Examining an immense data set — everyone born in Sweden from 1973 until 2001 — the researchers documented a compelling association between advancing paternal age at childbearing and numerous psychiatric disorders and educational problems in their children, including autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide attempts and substance abuse problems.
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