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Dopamine Smart – New Solutions for Overeating, Over Stressing & Generally Living Better!

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Enjoy a conversation recorded October 2016 between Gregory Anne Cox and her guest, neuroscience researcher, D.C. McGuire discussing the dangers and promises of dopamine.  They talk about recent findings linking one brain chemical to  challenges of overeating, stress, parenting, learning, and societal issues, especially bad behavior and violence. 
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By Donna-Christine (D.C.) McGuire There is one Jekyll and Hyde brain chemical that if understood and used intentionally could dramatically improve life on this planet, for everyone. In the dark about dopamine? It’s an opioid cousin of cocaine and amphetamines, and with similar addictive rewards.
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If you’re constantly in the red-zone with stress, here’s what’s likely to be happening!

#1 The first filter in the brain is the thalamus, which makes an instantaneous call on whether something is a possible (imagined or real) threat demanding instinctual action to be orchestrated by the Reptilian and Animal Brain, or intellectual processing in the Human Brain.
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