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Panama Papers Show Addictions of Rich and Powerful

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Users of cocaine and amphetamines are familiar with drug-induced delusions of grandeur and invincibility.  Dopamine highs, legally made between our ears, can cause similar effects.

Watch base jumpers with dopamine stimulated delusions of invincibility, leap off cliffs and buildings to “fly” in nothing more than “bat suits”. 
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U.S. Economy – How We Can Turn It Around!

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What’s going on?

While trillions of American dollars hold back on hiring and expansion, complaining about environmental restrictions, product quality regulations, wages, and taxes, European, Asian and South American investors are happily buying up U.S. companies and real estate.  A  Japanese firm just bought the controlling interest in Sprint, , aGerman software developer SAP  just paid $4.3 billion for U.S.
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