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                                                                                                                                         QUIZ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Will Work for Dopamine!Work for Dopamine     

___ You are uncomfortable or bored if you have to go for an hour without checking your phone, listening to music, or turning on the television, computer, or gaming device
___ You cannot remember the last time you got through any meeting or social interaction without looking at your Smartphone
___ You get annoyed when someone asks you to turn off your Smartphone or leave it at home when you go out to dinner,  take a long weekend, or are with your kids
___ You feel most alive when you are making risky trades or wagers, getting away with something, or looking at porn
___ You are edgy, prone to aggression, and deliberately create conflict to provoke excitement
___ You are overweight
___ You exercise compulsively
___ You love engaging in or watching extreme sports
___ You play video games until they compromise sleep, relationships, your job, or achievement at school
___ You have to overtake anyone in front of you whether it is on the road or at the office
___ You constantly feel on guard about the behavior of others
___ You are chronically stressed, frustrated, and anxious
___ You are a workaholic
___ You find it difficult to maintain romantic relationships
___ You prefer fast food to a sit-down meal
___ You are a news and information junkie
___ You spend beyond your means

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