Panama Papers Show Addictions of Rich and Powerful

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Users of cocaine and amphetamines are familiar with drug-induced delusions of grandeur and invincibility.  Dopamine highs, legally made between our ears, can cause similar effects.

Watch base jumpers with dopamine stimulated delusions of invincibility, leap off cliffs and buildings to “fly” in nothing more than “bat suits”.  Crazy dangerous, and more than a few pay the price with their lives.

Panamanian tax evaders, high on personal power, demonstrate yet another version of dopamine-induced delusions, similar to those produced by cocaine and amphetamines.  Powerful individuals imagining themselves to be legally invincible will pay the price with the loss of their status, position, and respect.

Whether it’s expressed in bullying, base jumping, political and military conflict, or big-time tax evasion, brains, high on dopamine- driven by delusions of personal power and invincibility, are cut off from the best of what the human brain (prefrontal cortex) has to offer; cause and effect analytics, long-term planning, empathy, and emotional regulation.  Wise decisions are difficult to come by – as evidenced in Panama, and in endless situations around the world!

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