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BoredMost people are just not comfortable in their own heads, In fact, most would rather be doing anything, even possibly hurting themselves, rather than doing nothing or sitting alone with their thoughts, even for a brief time!
During several of Professor Tim Wilson’s experiments at the University of Virginia and Harvard, participants were asked to sit alone in a room at a laboratory with no cell phone, reading materials, or anything else, to distract them, and to spend up to 15 minutes – depending on the study – focused on their own thoughts.
Afterward, they reported finding it difficult to concentrate and that their minds wandered, though nothing was competing for their attention. On average, the participants found the experience unpleasant.
The researchers took their studies further. Participants were asked, “Would they rather do an unpleasant activity than no activity at all?” The results show that many would. Participants were given the same circumstances as the previous studies, with the added option; that of also administering a mild electric shock to themselves by pressing a button.
67% of men in the study gave themselves at least one electric shock during the study’s 15-minute “thinking” period. By comparison, six of 25% females shocked themselves.
What would you do?

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