Buddy the Cat Wonders . . .

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This is my cat, Buddy, whom I love very much.

Buddy wonders about things like his next tummy rub and when there will be more food in his bowl. But he never wonders about things like collaborating with other animals to collectively solve problems and make the world a better place for all of them, or the long term effects of climate change.

Why?  Because Buddy  doesn’t have the well developed prefrontal cortex that makes long term planning, complex analyses, and collaborative problem solving a possibility for humans.

If  Buddy had a Human Brain, he might wonder why humans don’t use theirs exclusively to build and maintain a world where everyone has a high quality of life.  Or, he might wonder why we don’t opt out of optional, virtual media violence, or do whatever it takes to preserve the planet.

Hmmm. What are the answers to those questions?


  1. Elvis

    I beg to differ. I think Buddy knows very well that collaboration with other cats just isn’t worth the effort. I bet he also knows, as I do, that humans are capable of creating very complex collaborations to benefit mankind. They just don’t do it very often, which is why cats are actually better sentient beings than humans. Think about it: U.S. humans have accomplished Social Security, which virtually eliminated starvation and abject poverty for the elderly. In Denmark (a tiny country, by all counts, with not near enough cats) humans have created enough wind farms to lead the world with over 39% of the country’s electricity needs met by wind. So why can’t humans use their brains to eliminate wars, child abuse, and the mafia. Cats are clearly superior beings.
    Elvis, the cat.

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