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UCLA professor, Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer in the field of communications has discovered that, “. . . when we are talking with others we give and receive information that is more accurate if we pay attention to almost everything else but the words.” It is our voices and bodies that carry our messages.

• Visual Communication: posture and gestures, facial expression, and eye contact – 55% of message

• Vocal Communication: intonation, projection, pitch and speed of our voice – 38% of message

• Verbal Communication: the words? Not much – a meager 7% of message

If words are good for communicating only 7% of any message, all the emoticons in the world still leave emails, texts, and tweets missing 93% of the meaning.

Make eye contact.
Look into someone’s eyes long enough to connect to them as a fellow human.
Smile like they made your day and hold the warmth of that unspoken connection, even after parting.

For more information on Professor Mehrabian’s study, click here.

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