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Kid’s brains are drowning in a sea of dopamine.  This was the message of D. C. McGuire’s presentation to parents and teachers looking for new solutions to the  issues media, and addiction to media devices add to the challenges of successful teaching and parenting. (click here to view more)

“D.C. (Donna-Christine) McGuire gave a riveting keynote address for SafeLaunch, to a rapt audience of K-12 Santa Barbara Unified School District parents and community members at the Marjorie Luke Theater, Oct. 17, 2016 .

What makes McGuire’s presentation unique is her ability to engage parents on the topic of the developing brain. She breaks down neurological vocabulary and demystifies neurochemical processes that drive human behavior in a way that makes the material meaningful to the audience. The most unusual part of her presentation is that she leaves the audience with concrete steps that they can put into action right away.

She brings decades of neuroscience research in her virtual toolbox and builds a personal presentation, that is accessible for parents and educators. Armed with new knowledge, the attendees are equipped to protect, educate and guide the youth in their lives toward more successful outcomes in our rapidly changing social environment.

We highly recommend D.C. McGuire for any audience. 5 stars!”

Janet Rowse and Ron Cuff, SafeLaunch Co-Founders

Thank you SafeLaunch for the enthusiastic comments.

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