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Buddy the Cat Wonders . . .

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This is my cat, Buddy, whom I love very much.

Buddy wonders about things like his next tummy rub and when there will be more food in his bowl. But he never wonders about things like collaborating with other animals to collectively solve problems and make the world a better place for all of them, or the long term effects of climate change.
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D.C. McGUIRE speaking at UCSB Friday, May 13: “HUMANITY’S BIG SECOND CHANCE!”

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Additional information –

I speak around the country and internationally, but seldom present in SB. If you’re interested in attending tomorrow, lucky Friday, May 13th, here are some driving instructions, and a campus map. Still, leaving plenty of time, and bread crumbs are always recommended 🙂

Parking is closest at lot 22 or parking structure 27.
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QUIZ – Dopamine and Mental Illness

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What percentage of Americans are currently suffering with a dopamine-related diagnosis?

Bi-Polar Disorder ___ .75%, ___1%, ___3%

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ___ .05%,___ 1%,___ 4%

ADHD ___ 4%,___ 6%,___ 10%

Schizophrenia ___ .25%, ___ 1% ___ 2.5%

                                                                                                                                                                 Answers: 3%, 1%, 10%, 1% (National Institutes of Health)

To fully appreciate the impact of these numbers, multiply by three hundred million – the population of the United States.
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Healthy Highs!

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Drugs, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, gambling, porn, dangerous behavior, and violent media can be counted on to produce big fixes of dopamine with high price tags including substance abuse, addiction, obesity, serious relationship, career and financial losses, physical damage, stress related diseases, and compromised brain function.
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Beyonce’s Lemonade on the Brain, and Why ‘Visual Albums’ Are the Future of Music

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Beyonce’s Lemonade represents a pioneering realization of the medium of the visual album. Though others, including Beyonce herself, have experimented with the concept before, Lemonade’s excellence and influence is sure to set the standard for our expectations around this new medium.
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Thanks Sarah Palin!

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Humor doesn’t just tickle the funny bone. Our guffaws and yuks also ramp up the dopamine sources in our brains.  When Palin, a politician with a bachelor’s degree in communications, claims to be “as much of a scientist as Bill Nye”, with a degree in mechanical engineering,  who did innovative engineering for Boeing , is one of the developers of The Planetary Society’s remarkable solar sail technology, and has spent decades working in science advocacy and education, all we can do is enjoy a hardy laugh.
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Q. What Do Bill Nye and Donald Trump Have In Common?

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A. Both make us feel alive, excited and inspired by activating the same natural neurochemical, dopamine.

Q. What makes them as different at day and night?

A. Nope, it’s not their choices of ties. Think again.

Someone, like Bill Nye, who brings followers new, mind-expanding information, treats his audiences to a healthy dose of dopamine. 
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