COUPLES’ NEW BFF: NEUROPLASTICITY The sizzle doesn’t have to fizzle!

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Wow! It was hot and heavy for a while.  Everything about life was exciting.  Conversations were animated.  A shared trip to the grocery store was fun. You never knew what would happen next. 

If you’re the man in this story, the possibilities of being with a new woman were exhilarating.
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Neuroplasticity in Action: SEE WITH YOUR EARS!

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No eyesight?  No problem.  Let the ears see it! With a new device that translates visual input into auditory signals, the brain’s neuroplasticity kicks in transforming images taken by a camera, worn on the head of the user, into “soundscapes”.  As always, all the brain requires to re-wire itself is repetition, and in this case re-wires the brain to provide the user with information about their surroundings. 
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