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I was just told a horrific story, which would be absolutely unbelievable except that I heard it first hand, from a well-educated woman, with a successful career, and a child she loves very much.

Her seventeen-year-old son is failing in school and at life because his time is spent  absorbed by video gaming. 
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Medical Effects of Pessimism and Optimism

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CHRIS PETERSON,a professor at Virginia Tech discovered  that pessimists had twice as many infectious diseases and made twice as many trips to the doctor as the optimists.  Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, in effect explained Peterson’s observations by establishing that optimists actually have better immune activity than pessimists.
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Do Hearts Have Their Own Brains?

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New research by a Canadian doctor, Dr. J. Andrew Armour,* reveals a stunning new finding: our hearts actually have their own nervous system, packages of ‘neurons’ (nerve cells specially designed to conduct  nerve impulses), that have memories! This work gives new meaning to the phrase: “Listen to your heart!”. 
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Allowing violent video games in a home could be considered a form of child abuse. It puts players at risk of poor health, poor intellectual development, poor social skills, and adult problems with spousal abuse and employment challenges.  What is known for certain is that players absorbed in first shooter games cannot avoid programming their minds to numb out to the excruciating horrors of violent activity.  
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