Our Beautiful Brains

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In our hands human brains feel a lot like jello – but without the genuine-imitation greens, yellow and reds! In computer simulations, all of that changes. This image of the neocortex expresses the complexity and beauty of what lies between our ears, which under other circumstances looks deceptively innocuous and plain!
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From the Pilgrims to the Cage Fighters

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The vector of development our species has followed to this point is exhausted. Thinking and behavior that propelled humanity out of caves, into tribes with, livestock, crops, into villages with guilds and governments, and finally into nations, with opportunities to learn, grown and express our potential, has hit a wall.
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HOW TO CREATE A MIND, by Ray Kurtzweil

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Ray, always a personal inspiration,  reverse-engineers the brain to understand how it works, then posits how that knowledge could be utilized to create even more intelligent machines, to address global problems. What makes this really interesting is that he includes emotional and moral intelligence along with origins of consciousness in the mix , and comes up with incredible possibilities for merging humanity with the technology we’re creating!
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Seeing and Experiencing Violence Makes Aggression ‘Normal’ for Children

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The  more children are exposed to violence, the more they internalize it as normal, according to an international team of researchers,  including Izaskun Orue of University of Deusto in Spain,  Brad Bushman of Ohio State University, as well as colleagues in The Netherlands and Germany.
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Trying to make sense of Congress’s latest goat show? Wondering why drama, egos, narrow interests, and brinksmanship consistently trump the Nation’s best interests? Read on.  The following is a rerun of my article explaining the dysfunction in Congress at the first of the year. 
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